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Celebrating at Waldsee

Published: February 25, 2019

We love to celebrate at Waldsee! A few nights every session are devoted to a Festabend (festival night) in honor of some of the many culturally and historically significant festivals celebrated in German-speaking Europe.


Maifest is held in Germany and Austria to celebrate the coming of spring. At Waldsee, we decorate the traditional Maibaum (May tree) like those that stand in public spaces in German-speaking Europe for the holiday. We carry the Maibaum in front of the Bahnhof and sing classic Waldsee songs, and in the evening there will be Festessen (festival foods), like Currywurst und Crepes, and lots of dancing!



Like Mardi Gras, Karneval is celebrated in Germany before the beginning of the Christian season of Lent. With one of the largest celebrations in the city of Köln (Cologne), people wear special costumes and march in parades. At Waldsee, the different Häuser (houses) will dress up according to a particular theme, which are presented during the Festabend, where food and dancing abound!



Walpurgisnacht was another holiday originally used to celebrate the coming of spring, but the original holiday rituals came to be used to ward off evil spirits and witches. The evil spirits were traditionally warded off by making loud noises and starting bonfires. To get rid of witches at Waldsee, villagers played a variety of festival games with their Haus (house), and then had the chance to send away the negativity in their lives with a bonfire after dinner.



Oktoberfest began with the 1810 wedding of König Ludwig I (King Ludwig I) and Prinzessin Therese (Princess Therese) in Bavaria. There are a number of traditions and legends about the history of Oktoberfest that we commemorate here in Waldsee. There is Wurzelbier (root beer) abound with fun games and dancing during dinner to honor König Ludwig and Prinzessin Therese!


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