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Betreuer für den Tag (Counselor for the Day)

Published: August 7, 2019

Monday was one of our favorite days of the summer: Betreuer für den Tag (counselor for the day)! 

To participate in Betreuer für den Tag, campers fill out a form about their interests (hiking, swimming, teaching, singing, etc.) and a list of a few Betreuer that they would like to shadow. The next morning during Morgenkreis (morning circle), they switch Namensschilder (name tags) with the Betreuer that they are going to be for the day, and the roles are reversed! Blogmeisterin (blog master) Astrid was truly grateful to have Liane shadow her and help take all of the pictures for the day.


All campers who participated in Betreuer für den Tag also had to be Sprachmeister. Since Betreuer can only speak German, their Schatten (shadow) had to also! The campers wore Sprachmeister Namensschilder and could only speak German from breakfast until Abendkreis (evening circle). A very impressive feat! 


Campers learned a lot about all of the work that goes into making every day at Waldsee special. How do you plan a Familie (family; speaking group hour)? How does Veranstaltungsstunde (activity hour) really work? How does it feel to stand on the stage and teach Gesang (song hour)? What do the Betreuer talk about in their big staff meeting? It’s an opportunity for all of their questions about the inner workings of Waldsee to be answered.


And a fun bonus: a free piece of Kuchen (cake) at Waldsee Cafe! Being a Betreuer can be hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Today's campers become tomorrow's Betreuer. It's Jürgen's (pictured left) first year on staff, but back in the day, he was Lea's Schatten!