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Betreuer für den Tag (Counselor for the Day)

Published: August 8, 2018

On Monday, all two-week and four-week campers could participate in Betreuer für den Tag (counselor for the day)! Just like the real counselors, campers had to fill out "application" forms, with answering questions about their favorite aspects of Waldsee life such as songs and foods, as well as selecting their preferences of which counselors to shadow.


The campers are matched up with counselors that evening, and the campers get to shadow the Betreuer (counselors) from breakfast the next day until Abendkreis (evening circle). The Betreuer für den Tag (counselors for the day) start off by switching Namenschilder (name tags) with their counselor -- showing that the roles have been officially switched for the day!

The excitement begins when the campers stand on the benches and sing with the counselors as the rest of the camp funnels into the Gasthof  for breakfast and carries on throughout the rest of the day. In this time, campers can do everything that the counselors do! They help plan Familien (language groups) and Veranstaltungsstunde (activity hour), as well as eating American snacks in the staff room and getting a free slice of cake at Waldsee Café.


It’s a fun way to experience the “mysterious” world of the Betreuerschaft (counseling staff). The campers can see all the work that the counselors put in to each and every day, and the counselors can get a better sense of what the campers are interested in doing. Campers may even decide during the day that they want to be a Betreuer (counselor) some day -- take a look at one of our current staff members, Zenzi (pictured below, right), participating in Betreuer für den Tag (counselor for the day) back in 2011!

Betreuer für den Tag