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Betreuer for a Day

Published: July 11, 2018

Betreuer for a Day

    One of the favorite programs here at Waldsee is Betreuer for a day. Each villager is able to request a counselor to shadow for the day to get a taste of what it is like.  They have to fill out an application saying what their experience is and why they want to be a counselor for the day.


    While each villager is able to request several different counselors to shadow, there is no guarantee they will get to shadow anybody. However, for those who do, it provides valuable insight to the life of a counselor here at Waldsee. Normally, the villagers don’t see any planning or the work that goes into making Waldsee work. The villagers are not only invited to observe their counselor, but also to participate. This allows them to gain valuable life experience in a one on one situation. For example, they learn how to plan an activity in a small group, or even plan an hour of language instruction with guidance. Some villagers also get to work the cash register at the Laden or Café Einbeck, gaining a small amount of retail experience.  If the counselor needs to make an announcement that day, the villager gets to do it for him or her and speak German in front of the entire village.


    Offering villagers the opportunity to shadow a counselor is not only a fun game, but also provides them with insight and experience that will help them in situations inside and outside of village life.  It gives them a chance to grow and get practice speaking more German, and gives them an idea of what it’s like to be a counselor if they are thinking about becoming one themselves one day!