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Published: June 11, 2019

Yesterday, we kicked off our summer with a great Ankunftstag (Opening Day) filled with laughter and games. This week we have Familien visiting our village, and each Familie was met at the border to Waldsee to go through the Grenze (border). They picked a new name off of our Namensschildbaum and had their passports checked before going to their houses to settle in.


Everyone at Waldsee was out on the Marktplatz playing games and painting their Namensschilder for a brand new year in the village. Before Abendessen, we played Kennenlernen Spielen, where we got to know each other and our new names by mixing up our Namensschilder, hitting each other with pool noodles, and playing a form of Rock, Paper, Scissors called Schnick, Schnack, Schnuk!




Abendessen was a Waldsee favourite, Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes! It had been a long day of traveling for everyone, so we all ate our fill. After Abendessen we had one more thing to do: learn the rules of Waldsee. This time, the evil villains from Brüder Grimm Märchen (Brother Grimm fairytales) attempted to rewrite their stories so they seemed nicer! The Teilnehmer (participants) were tasked with righting this wrong by learning the true story from different fairytale characters around Waldsee who taught them how different activities and buildings work here.  



Everyone gathered at our See to give the stories back to Jakob Grimm and they caught the villains. With a bit of hard work, the villains were defeated and thrown into the See.



We ended our night with a rousing round of campfire songs and Schokoladenfondue!

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