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Alumni Spotlight: Olivia

Published: November 21, 2019

As we gear up for the 60th summer at Waldsee, get to know some long-time members of the Waldsee community! This week, meet Olivia!  Olivia has come to Waldsee since 2005, earning her ten year villager award and working on staff ever since. Studying German and nursing, she combined her two interests by working as our nursing intern this past summer.

4. Juli [4.7.18]

How did you find out about Waldsee?

I started going to Concordia Language Villages with several friends, because my dad worked at Concordia College. I originally went to El Lago del Bosque (Spanish Language Village) in Callaway, MN, but decided to try Waldsee because my older brothers were learning German. I eventually switched to going to Waldsee full time.

What made you come back to Waldsee year after year?

I loved the connections I made with other people. It was so fun to meet new friends from around the country, stay in contact with them throughout the school year, and see them again the following summer.


What do you look forward to the most each year?

I looked forward to enjoying the beauty of northern Minnesota. It is so peaceful to sit am Strand (on the beach), to canoe around Turtle River Lake, and to camp at Grüne Welle.

What’s something that’s different now than your first year at Waldsee?

When I first started going to Waldsee, the Brunnen (fountain) would still run. I once got in trouble when I was a villager because a group of friends and I paid some boys a few Euros to go swimming in it!

Bankett [13.7.18]

What’s your favorite Waldsee Lied (song)?

99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons by Nena)

Best snack at Café Einbeck?

Hawaii Toast

Sonst noch was? (Anything else?)

My favorite day of the whole year is International Day -- I love it even more than Christmas!

Meet Olivia and other members of the Waldsee community from throughout the years at our 60th Anniversary Alumni Weekend, July 17-19! 


Have you spent nearly a decade or more at Waldsee over the last 60 years? We would love to hear from you for a future blog post! Please fill out this form here if you are interested.

Additionally, we are collecting and digitizing photos from alumni in honor of our 60th anniversary this summer. If you have any photos you would like to share (particularly from the 80s and 90s), please send them to betreuerschaft@gmail.com.