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Alumni Spotlight: Katrin

Published: May 15, 2020

We’re excited to begin our 60th summer of German language education, even though Waldsee will look a little different this summer! In honor of our 60th anniversary, get to know some long time members of the Waldsee community. This week, meet Katrin! Katrin first joined the staff at Waldsee Vergas in 2003 and has worn a variety of hats for us in the 12 summers since then.


How did you find out about Waldsee?

From a fellow student who was studying abroad with me in Vienna in college. He went to Waldsee and Skogfjorden (Norwegian Language Village) as a kid. I thought it sounded like a cool experience, so I decided to apply to be a counselor.

What made you come back to Waldsee year after year?

The food! But seriously, Waldsee was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had in my life. After two summers as a Betreuerin (counselor), I realized I wanted to be a German teacher.


What did you look forward to the most each year?

Müsli in the morning. I’m convinced they make it with magic because I can’t quite get it to taste right at home.

What's something that's different now than your first year at Waldsee?

Waldsee Vergas doesn’t exist anymore!  That’s where I started in 2003.

(As the permanent village we know today was being constructed, we supplemented the main site with a Waldee near Vergas, MN, to increase our capacity over the years. This additional Waldsee location was last used in 2006.)



What's your favorite Waldsee Lied?

I honestly can’t tell you why, but I love “Dat du meen Levsten büst”

Best snack at Cafe Einbeck?

Anything Haribo (except the licorice ones - yucky)

Waldsee is planning to offer both virtual and on-site programming in Summer 2020. Check out the details of our Summer 2020 programming, both on-site in Bemidji or through our Virtual Village, here. Registration opens May 26.


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Additionally, we are collecting and digitizing photos from alumni in honor of our 60th anniversary this summer. If you have any photos you would like to share (particularly from the 80s and 90s), please send them to betreuerschaft@gmail.com.