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Afternoons in Waldsee

Published: October 15, 2019

When it’s time for lunch, campers line up again outside of the Gasthof and sing the song “Wir haben Hunger” (We are Hungry) in order to be let in and find a seat with their friends and counselors. Once everyone is seated, it’s time to find out what is on the menu for the day. A Haus (house) or a Familie/Gesprächsgruppe (small language group) will perform a skit to introduce all of the foods on the table during the Essensvorstellung (food presentation). The presentations are inspired by a wide variety of topics, including movies, fairy tales, sports, and songs. We love to see how creative different groups can be!


After the Essensvorstellung, campers may realize that they are sitting at a Nur Deutsch (only German) table! All conversations, from talking about the day to asking someone to pass the butter, must be held in German. It is a great opportunity for campers to speak German with each other and to practice asking counselors for help, especially by using phrases like “Wie sagt man…” (How do you say…?)

Nur Deutsch Biertisch

We will periodically hold special themed lunches -- one of our favorites is the Northern German Fischmarkt (fish market). Campers can try a variety of fish, including herring and salmon, and enjoy them outside of the Gasthof with their Haus. We will also have other picnic lunches with delicious Bratwurst und Brötchen (sausage and bread rolls).


After the Mittagessen (lunch), everyone returns home for a Betreuungsstunde (care hour) to relax. Campers can choose to play quiet card games, read German books, work on projects, or even take a kurzes Schläfchen (quick nap). After a big morning, it’s nice to have this break to rest up before the excitement of the afternoon begins. Campers return to their Familien/Gesprächsgruppen following the Betreuungsstunde.

After the second hour of Familien/Gesprächsgruppen, it’s time for a Veranstaltungsstunde (activity hour). Rather than strictly learning vocabulary and grammar,  Veranstaltungsstunde allows campers to learn German through structured activities, such as Bogenschießen (archery), Kunst (art), or Wandern (hiking). With new offerings in each of the three Veranstaltungsstunden throughout the day, campers have the opportunity to learn lots of new skills entirely in German! Popular activities include Schwimmen (swimming), Fußball (soccer), Backen (baking), Kanu fahren (canoeing), and Brettspiele spielen (playing board games).


During the second Veranstaltungsstunde, campers can visit Waldsee Cafe and have the opportunity to practice ordering food and German. Our on-site bakery staff prepares a variety of delicious German, Austrian, and Swiss baked goods every single day for Waldsee Cafe. Some of our favorites include Sachertorte (Sacher cake), Bienenstick (bee sting cake), and Apfelkuchen (apple cake). The Lehrlinge (high school apprentices) work as Kellner (servers) at the cafe, which allows for campers to practice using Sie und Ihnen, the words for the formal “you” in German.

Waldsee Café

At Waldsee, learning German goes beyond what is typically taught in a classroom. Mittagessen and Waldsee Cafe expose campers to German cultural topics and traditional foods, in addition to new vocabulary and grammar. During Veranstaltungsstunde, campers can participate in their favorite sport or activity in a new language, and even have the opportunity to try something brand-new!

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