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Advice for First Time Family Participants

Published: May 22, 2017

Ankunftstag 15.8.16

Sommer 2017 is fast approaching and we are getting more excited every day! We are always begeistert (excited), but even more so when families decide to try out our Familienwoche (family week)! Many families are nervous or unsure – it’s a new environment for their kids, and it can be difficult to learn a new language as an adult. But take it from a family that has been coming to Familienwohe for sechs (six) years – take the plunge!

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Inge and her zwei kinder (two kids), Dirk (11 years old) and Käthe (4 years old), have been attending the Waldsee Family program since it began in 2011.  Inge is a former Waldsee LKT (credit program participant) and was even a counselor-in-training for two years! It was such a transformative and special place for her, with lasting friendships, that when she heard about the family program while attending the Waldsee 50th anniversary celebration in 2010, she knew she had to bring her family back!



With the first year of the Family program, Inge was excited to bring her children to such a special place, but also a bit nervös (nervous) about how die Erwachsene (the adults) would be incorporated into die Activitäten (the activities) – after all, isn’t summer camp for Kinder (children)?! At Waldsee, we believe that everyone can be a language learner and have fun, which is what Inge found that first year as well! She found the program to be seamless, and it continues to improve every year.

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Waldsee is an incredibly unique place, where we bring a special kind of enthusiasm and energy to learning. Inge loves that Waldsee is a safe place where her children have autonomy; they can walk around without supervision and purchase things at the Laden (store), learning the value of Geld (money) without fear of being taken advantage of or getting lost. But the best part for Inge is really that she gets to spend an entire week with her kids without any other obligations or distractions!

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Inge knows that Waldsee can be intimidating for first-time attendees, but she suggests coming in with an open mind and lots of enthusiasm. You shouldn’t feel intimidated because you don’t know the language as well as you would like (or at all) – Waldsee’s immersion setting means that our intention is to learn through doing! Die Betreuerschaft (the counseling staff) understand that you will not necessarily comprehend every word - so don’t feel that things are out of control if you do not always understand. There are countless people around to guide you.  And most of all - participate! There are sometimes silly activities, but enjoy yourself letting go and acting like and being with your kids for a moment - there aren't that many other safe places in der Welt (in the world) where you can do that!



Inge, Dirk, and Käthe will be returning to Waldsee this summer for their 6th, 7th, and 4th years, respectively, and are super begeistert (very excited) to continue learning Deutsch (German) and having Spaß (fun) with us! Want to join them? Learn more about our Family Week Program here, and register today to get your family living the language!