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Abendprogramme in Waldsee

Published: June 28, 2018

Abendprogramme in Waldsee

            Abendprogramme, or evening programs, are our big, all camp activities. They are centered around German history, politics, or culture, but are always fun.


            This past week we have had one Abendprogramm each night. The first night was based on the German tradition of Wahlpurgisnacht. The villagers learned who Faust was, and the deal he made to achieve his dream of having a sense of fulfillment. They then went around to different stations to try and gather the ingredients Faust needed to make his potion work, and thereby fulfill his goal. Each ingredient was given to them by a Hexe, or witch, after they had performed a specific task. This first Abendprogramm also had the double teaching element of not only the story of Faust, but also taught the villagers different skills needed in day to day life here at Waldsee such as how we recycle, how to set the table for mealtimes, and where each building is located around the camp. In the end, Faust got his magic potion, but also got tipped into the lake as punishment. This was followed by a campfire and some Schoki Fondue, or chocolate fondue.



Tuesday brought an invasion of the Außererdische, or aliens. After crashing their spaceship in the middle of Waldsee, about 10 Betreuer dressed as aliens had to be rounded up and brought back into their spaceship to leave camp again. These aliens could only be caught by either speaking or singing in German however, which gave the villagers the perfect opportunity to practice the songs they had learned earlier that day. In the end, all of the aliens were successfully caught and sung back into their spaceship, not to be seen for at least another year.


            Wednesday brought a Straßenfest here at Waldsee. The villagers ate Döner Kebab and Currywurst outside, and after they finished went straight into playing lots of little mini fair-style games to simulate a German street festival. The night finished with a mini-dance party before heading off to bed.

            On Thursday came Hausabend. Hausabend, or house evening, is a time for bonding with your cabinmates. The villagers get to choose from any number of activities what they would like to do with their cabin mates for the evening. Some cabins go to the sauna, others play Fußball, and others just go and watch a movie, all though of course auf Deutsch! They also practice German by ordering pizza, which is then cooked by our kitchen and delivered to the cabin’s location by a Betreuer for dinner.

            Friday’s program was a simulation, of sorts. The story centered around that of the Berliner Luftbrücke, or in English the Berlin Airlift. The Berlin Airlift was a long operation by the American, British, and French air forces to try and keep West Berlin supplied with everything from toilet paper to apples during an embargo by the Soviet Union. The villagers were able to play out the history at different stations where they used their German to try and save West Berlin. At the end of the game, as in in real life, the embargo was eventually lifted, and West Berlin could receive supplies from the ground again.


            On Saturday, Waldsee was visited again by foreigners, but this time only from Sweden. The dining hall was transformed into a Swedish restaurant. Villagers had to call and make a reservation with friends ahead of time before being served a three-course meal, which although set in Sweden, still had to be ordered in German.

After the restaurant closed, the disco opened. The disco is always looked forward to by villagers as a time to have fun and be silly dancing to different songs. If the villagers need a break from the dancing, there are always games to play or benches to sit and visit on.


            On Sunday, Waldsee participated in the Weltmeisterschaft, or World Cup. This year is the 21st World Cup in Russia, of which Germany has won four of, but sadly are already out of this year's competition. Waldsee certainly had fun celebrating the World Cup with different countries made up of villagers participated in different competitions, including life-sized foosball, World Cup trivia, a sing off, and of course 11 v 11 soccer. The winning team, England, won each a free piece of chocolate instead of a golden trophy, however.


            While each Abendprogramm is vastly different, they all teach German in a fun and all-inclusive way. Look for more updates about our adventures here at Waldsee in the upcoming week!