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Abendkreis in Waldsee

Published: June 22, 2009

We were delighted to welcome two new groups of villagers to Waldsee today! KTs, who come for two weeks, are taking part in our flagship program (since 1961!). LKTs come for four weeks and receive a year's worth of high-school credit in German. The villagers arrived today at Waldsee's Grenze (border), where they first went to Anmeldung (registration), and then picked a German name on our Namensschilderbaum (a tree filled with name tags!). Then, villagers went to their Haus, where they met their Hausbetreuer (counselor) and went through a small Gep├Ąckkontrolle (customs) -- no Schmuggelwaren allowed! After dropping off their luggage, villagers went to the Bank, the Klinik (nurse's station), and finally did a small language interview. After all the villagers arrived, each Haus met for a brief Haustreff (house meeting) before Abendkreis (evening gathering) and Abendessen (dinner!). On the menu: Wienerschnitzel, pommes frites (French fries), and Spargel (asparagus). Below, you can see a video from our very first Abendkreis!