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Deutscher Schultag

Published: July 12, 2009

Yesterday, Waldsee villagers went to school -- German school! Villagers were divided among three types of high schools: Gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule. [caption id="attachment_181" align="alignright" width="249" caption="The German school system"][/caption] The Gymnasium in Germany is a college-preparatory school, and goes through the twelfth or thirteenth year of schooling. The Realschule usually goes through the tenth year of schooling, and prepares students for...

Die Berliner Luftbrücke

Published: July 9, 2009

Following the post-World War II division of Germany among the Allies and the Soviet Union, Berlin was essentially divided down the middle into East and West Berlin. Although West Berlin was controlled by the Allies, it was surrounded by Soviet-controlled territory. Although the Soviets had blocked Allied access to West Berlin periodically in early 1948, Josef Stalin initiated a full blockade of West Berlin following the June 18th, 1948 announcement by the Americans, British and French...

Willkommen in Waldsee !

Published: July 7, 2009

A group of nearly 70 new two-week villagers (known colloquially in Waldsee as KTs) arrived in Waldsee yesterday. After going through Anmeldung (check-in) and confirming their departure plans with our Reisebüro (travel bureau), villagers picked a new name from our Namensschilderbaum (a tree full of name tags!) and found out the name of their Haus (all of our "house" names are names of German, Swiss, or Austrian cities). Villagers then went through Gepäckkontrolle (customs), where...

Tanzabend !

Published: July 2, 2009

Dancing is a big part of German -- and Waldsee -- culture! Here in Waldsee, we do lots of dancing -- dancing at the Disko on Friday or Saturday night, Reientänze (line dances -- particularly the ones made for I-Day every year!), and of course, Standardtänze. On Tuesday night, the KTs (two-week villagers) and some LKTs (four-week credit villagers) participated in a Tanzabend (Dance Night). Villagers were divided into groups, with each group learning three of the following dances:...


Published: July 1, 2009

Sonntag (Sunday) at Waldsee is a special day. We have a slightly more relaxed schedule and often get to do things we might not have time for during the week. This Sunday, we went ins Kino (to the movies)! Each villager bought a ticket to their preferred film: "Asterix und Obelix", "Schuh des Manitus", "Emil und die Detektive" (the subject of a recent Waldsee Abendprogramm, or evening program), or "Lola rennt" (the latter for four-week credit villagers only). After dinner, the...

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