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Welcome to the blog for Waldsee, the German Language Village. 

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Sei Waldseemensch!

Published: August 28, 2009

Waldsee's own Superstar Obstacle Course is called Waldseemensch. Villagers choose to complete a series of assignments, such as leading the Waldsee Abendkreis, teaching a song, writing a cheer, being a Sprachmeister on five different days, working in the Cafe or the Laden, and other tasks. Those who complete ten such tasks become Waldseemenschen and are awarded a special Namensschild plus a free T-shirt at the Laden. Annegretli and Ella have been working hard to become Waldseemenschen....

Mach den Bibo!

Published: August 21, 2009

On Wednesday August 19 Waldsee enjoyed Oktoberfest, complete with Bavarian treats such as Bratwurst und Brezel, as well as Döner Kebap, Krapfen and Wurzel Bier! Traditional folk dances were paired with modern dancing, including Mach den Bibo!, a hit this spring in Germany that is oriented to Germany’s own characters from television’s Sesamstrasse. This song had a twist, however, because aliens happened to crash land in the middle of Oktoberfest and challenged Waldsee to a dance-off....


Published: August 21, 2009

Waldsee’s Family Week participants faced off at the Waldsee Backofen in a Pizzaduell in which teams of kids and adults made pizzas and were rated by judges according to their creativity, presentation, and taste of their pizzas.

Waldsee in the News

Published: August 17, 2009

On Thursday, July 13 public television came to Waldsee for a feature on day camps and family weeks at the Language Villages, as well as International Day, hosted at Waldsee. Check it out here here!

Internationaler Tag!

Published: August 14, 2009

Today we had a great time at International Day! Waldsee welcomed over 2000 guests from the other villages and the public for a wonderful day of language, culture, food, and fun! There was a lot of Tanzen (dancing), Singen (singing), Fechten (fencing), Schwingen (Swiss wrestling), and plenty of other activities from all the other villages. Waldsee also sent a delegation to the EU summit at the Swedish village and then followed that meeting up with a meeting of the G-20, where villagers...

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