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Schildkröten in Waldsee !

Published: June 27, 2009

Every year in June, Minnesota snapping turtles come up from Turtle River Lake to lay eggs, often in and around Waldsee. This year, we've seen quite a few! The whole process -- choosing a location, digging a hole, laying the eggs, and finally covering them up -- takes a few hours. Last night, the Schnaveltier ("The Platypus," Waldsee's newspaper) carried a story about the Schildkröten (turtles), which you can read below. There is also a short video of three turtles in which you can...

Geheimbetreuer in einer Kiste !

Published: June 25, 2009

Every day at Mittagessen (lunch), we find out ... who is the Secret Counselor in the Box? Villagers can ask seven yes-or-no questions to try to determine who is in the box. The Betreuer or Betreuerin uses the "Yes" and "No" holes to answer. Common questions include: Bist du ein Mädchen? ("Are you a girl?"), Has du blonde Haare? ("Do you have blond hair?"), and Spielst du die Gitarre? ("Do you play the guitar?"). After we have figured out who the Betreuer is, we ask them: Wer...

Wilhelm Tell!

Published: June 25, 2009

On Tuesday night in Waldsee, our Abendprogramm told the story of Wilhelm Tell. According to the legend, Wilhelm Tell, an expert marksman, lived in Switzerland (in the canton of Uri) at the end of the 13th century. At the time, the Habsburg Empire had conquered Uri, and the Austrian Hermann Gessler was appointed as its ruler. Gessler erected a pole in the center of town, upon which he hung his hat, and all Swiss citizens were expected to bow before it. When Wilhelm Tell did not bow...

Abendkreis in Waldsee

Published: June 22, 2009

We were delighted to welcome two new groups of villagers to Waldsee today! KTs, who come for two weeks, are taking part in our flagship program (since 1961!). LKTs come for four weeks and receive a year's worth of high-school credit in German. The villagers arrived today at Waldsee's Grenze (border), where they first went to Anmeldung (registration), and then picked a German name on our Namensschilderbaum (a tree filled with name tags!). Then, villagers went to their Haus, where...

Oktoberfest Bankett !

Published: June 20, 2009

Last night, Waldsee gathered for the closing Bankett for the One-Week Exploration villagers (GB18) and the Familienwoche (GB15/GB19) Teilnehmer (participants). König Ludwig II, king of Bavaria from 1864 until 1886, presided over the Oktoberfest. König Ludwig, or Mad King Ludwig, was known for his exhorbitant spending habits, building several extravagant castles, including Neuschwanstein. He mysteriously disappeared in 1886, and his body was later found in the Starnbergersee...

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