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Waldsee Küche zu Hause (Waldsee Kitchen at Home)

Published: May 13, 2020

From German dishes like Spätzle to Austrian Schnitzel to Swiss Raclette, Waldsee villagers can try a wide variety of foods that are typical in German-speaking countries, but are far less common here in the United States. Thanks to our incredible kitchen staff, everyone can find a new favorite throughout the summer. Can’t wait until July to enjoy a Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancakes) night or savory dishes like Rouladen? Here are some important vocabulary words for trying to make German recipes at home!

Alumni Spotlight: Maren

Published: May 7, 2020

In honor of our 60th anniversary, get to know some long time members of the Waldsee community. This week, meet Maren! Maren first attended Waldsee in 2011 and has spent the majority of the last decade with us at Waldsee. They have participated in the program in very different ways, from earning high school credit as a four-week villager to being a familiar face preparing our amazing meals in die Küche (kitchen).

The Eurovision Song Contest 

Published: May 4, 2020

A classic (and favorite!) Abendprogramm (evening program) is the Grand Prix der Lieder (Grand Prix of Songs). The premise is simple: to re-make classic Waldsee songs. Each Haus (house) randomly selects one Waldseelied (Waldsee song) that we sing at Gesang (song time) and one new genre at random. Then, the clock starts ticking!

Der Erste Mai (May Day)

Published: May 1, 2020

At Waldsee, we celebrate a number of holidays but one of our favorites, year after year, is the Der Erste Mai (the first of May). What makes May Day a besonderer Tag (special day) is that it’s celebrated in two different ways in German-speaking Europe, particularly within Germany. Der Erste Mai is a national bank holiday in Germany and Austria, so schools, businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, and more are closed every year on this day.

Waldsee Café zu Hause (Waldsee Café at Home)

Published: April 27, 2020

Millions of people around the world are taking up a new hobby in this unusual time: backen (baking). Lucky for us, German-speaking Europe has a rich Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) culture. From Apfelstrudel to Sachertorte to Zimtschnecken and more, there’s dozens of recipes to recreate the Waldsee Café experience in your very own home, and learn a little German along the way!

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