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Tatort: Waldsee

Published: August 2, 2020

Last week, our high school credit villagers had a mystery to solve: Wer hat den Mord begangen? (Who committed the murder?) The Krimi (mystery story) is a beloved genre in German-speaking culture, and the most famous Krimi is the show Tatort, which has been a staple of German television since 1970. With hundreds of episodes over the last fifty years in a variety of different cities, we decided to write our own Tatort-inspired stories taking place at Waldsee.

Waldsee Virtual Village Week 1 - Geschafft!

Published: July 18, 2020

This week marked the start of our very first summer of Virtual Waldsee, and all in all, it was a resounding success! While there were a few tech hiccups along the way, we had SO much fun getting to know all of our virtual villagers and learning tons of German with them! Here’s a short recap of everything that we did during the week.

How We're Preparing for Virtual Villages This Summer

Published: July 7, 2020

It’s no secret that this summer at Concordia Language Villages is going to be a bit different. While we normally try to keep our programs as low-tech as possible, this summer we’re going entirely online! Here’s what we’ve been doing to get ready.

Sie/Du (You) in German

Published: June 26, 2020

*You may have seen this blog post in your email a few times over the last few days, but we promise, this one is the real deal! Join us for a quick Deutsch lesson and how we utilize the language at Waldsee.

“Du, Du liegst mir im Herzen,” begins one of our favorite Waldsee songs. Though a folk song, it’s classic theme extends beyond love, serving as an introduction to the pluralisms of “you” in German. To paraphrase the Sound of Music, “how do you solve a problem like Maria which you?

Picking a Waldsee Name

Published: June 22, 2020

“Wie heißt du?” (What is your name?)-it’s a question that we often ask at Waldsee. It’s a simple yet dignified question, and often, even villagers who don’t speak much German will have learned this question.

On the first day of Waldsee, “Wie heißt du?” is a bit more complicated.

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