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On the Safety and Well-being of Children

By The Strategic Planning Council of Concordia Language Villages | Published: August 28, 2019

Inspiring Courageous Global Citizens

The Strategic Planning Council of Concordia Language Villages offers the following statement on the detention of children and the separation of families. At the Villages, we work hard to provide safe and secure shelter for youth in camp environments, while at the same time creating meaningful learning opportunities in a culturally authentic and playful setting. The fact that many immigrant children, particularly now on the southern border and in other areas around the United States, are not being given that same sense of safety and security is of great concern to our organizational leadership.

The mission of Concordia Language Villages is to inspire courageous global citizens. We believe that fundamental global citizenship skills include demonstrating respect for human dignity; cultivating compassion; engaging critically and creatively with issues that transcend boundaries; and advancing a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world for all. 

Our mission calls us to speak to current issues. The detention of child asylum seekers, particularly in conditions with poor hygiene and sanitation, deprives children of the material and psychological resources needed for growth and development. It deprives the world of their full potential.

We care about children and believe in respect for human rights. Speak out to end abuse of children in immigration detention. Raise your voice by contacting your political representatives to express your views, volunteering with not-for-profit organizations and faith-based communities engaged in this effort, or donating resources to further the work of those in the field. Join us in advocating for family reunification, humane treatment within detention facilities, and an end to child detention.

The Strategic Planning Council is convened by the executive director and includes administrative leaders and Village deans and employees who have been elected by their peers to represent the organization in strategic decision-making on behalf of Concordia Language Villages. The Council also includes the college’s vice president for academic affairs and representatives from the Villages’ National Advisory Council.

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