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Home Sweet World: The Sound of Community

Published: March 25, 2020

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Community Support

Listen to radio stations all over the world, live, for free on Radio Garden. What’s popular in France? Turn to France. What does music from Senegal sound like? Find Senegal on the globe. What does the same language sound like in different countries? Find a station in those countries to compare. Some countries even have radio stations in different languages. This is such a fun way to hear voices all over the world. (Parents be aware: different countries have different standards for censoring language.)

Learning from Home

25 Great Virtual Field Trips. The Zoo. The Aquarium. The Farm. Museums, Music—even Mars! No permission slip needed. Let’s go!


Karuba: Each player is an adventurer racing to reach the temple. If you reach special tiles, gems and gold await. It all comes down to choosing your own best path. Karuba is well-suited to people who prefer games that are less directly competitive. It’s complex enough to appeal to more experienced players, but quick and adventurous, making it appropriate for players 8 and up. Runner-up to the Spiel des Jahres prize.

Self Care

We Wrote You a Hand-Washing Song: Listen Up! Tired of singing the Happy Birthday twice every time you wash your hands? Try singing it in another language! Or try this new song called “Twenty Seconds,” by March Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who  wrote the songs for Hairspray and Mary Poppins Returns, among others.

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