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Home Sweet World: Restfulness

Published: March 30, 2020

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Self Care

Sleep Better Now! Soothing food. Comfy sheets. Toasty toes. A guide to superior slumber.

Reflections on COVID-19. Buddhist philosophy emphasizes the impermanence and interdependence of all things. Jay Garfield, professor at Smith College and Harvard Divinity School, reminds us that we each need time in the day to reflect, to gather our thoughts, to remember who we are, and to what we are committed. This helps us to develop the wisdom to be effective for ourselves and for others.

Learning from Home

20 Yoga Videos for kids and adults in Spanish. Elisabeth, otherwise known as Spanish Mama,  is a teacher and mom raising two bilingual kids in the Peruvian jungle. She offers yoga exercises that can encourage you and your kids to practice your Spanish. It’s a win on all fronts! Read her story here. And take a look at what Yoga Journal tells us about yoga’s benefits for kids.  

Tadaam! Here, everyone moves, dances, makes searches, plays, learns, discovers, has fun—in English and in French! Tadaam! is your play space, performance place, your dancefloor! Tadaam! is also an educational resource library for teachers.

Numeridanse offers free access to French performances, documentaries, and interviews, showcasing a range of genres from ballet to hip-hop, tango, jazz, and much more. 


Exit: The Game – The House of Riddles. As long as we are cooped up anyway, let’s escape! Exit: The Game – The House of Riddles is part of a series of hands-on, escape-room-style games that can be played at home. Up to four players are “locked” in an abandoned house and must figure out a series of riddles and puzzles so that they can “escape.” Why it’s great: it’s a fun way for older kids to work together to solve a mystery. It won the 2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres award, which focuses on more challenging games. There are about a dozen games in the series, with themes like “The Sunken Treasure” and “The Secret Lab”; “The House of Riddles” is a good introduction for 10-year-olds. Taking up to about one to two hours to complete, these games can be an entertaining activity—and then you are free!

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