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Home Sweet World: Game Night

Published: May 26, 2020

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International Game Night!

Bored with basic board games? Switch it up with international game night! Play what people are playing in Kyoto, Vladivostok and Vienna:

In Passtally, cre­ated by Ja­panese game de­signer  Masaki Suga (須賀 正樹), you build connections. Take turns placing tiles on the game board to create a line connecting your player markers. The more tiles the line passes through, and the higher those tiles are stacked, the more points you score! Easy to learn.

Mara­caibo, created by Aus­trian game designer Alexander Pfister, is a hit from Poland to Ma­laysia be­cause who doesn’t want to sail around the 17th-cen­tury Car­ibbean, col­lect­ing coins and fight­ing the French? Let’s get going!

Spy­fall, from the mind of Ukrainian designer Alexandr Ushan, is a party game unlike any other, one in which you get to be a spy and try to understand what's going on around you. You don’t want to get caught, so you need to get your cover story straight. A game of guessing, suspicion and bluffing. Fun to play, easy to learn.

Azul is as pop­u­lar in Ger­many as David Has­sel­hoff. Created by German board game designer Michael Kiesling, Azul turns two to four play­ers into tile-lay­ing ar­ti­sans who com­pete to dec­o­rate the walls of a Por­tuguese royal palace with beautiful azulejos. Simple rules, great strategy, easy to learn.

Catan is the iconic civilization-building game created by German designer Klaus Teuber, in which players collect resources to create settlements, cities, and roads to earn points. Catan is known for popularizing Eurogames, which require more strategy than luck and don’t boot players out of a game. Catan is strategic, interactive, and fun to play. Mobile game available via Android and iOS.

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