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WorldView is a place for leaders in the fields of language education, global citizenship, immersion learning and other topics central to the Concordia Language Villages mission to address issues important to their fields.

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Columnist Highlights “Things He Could Have Learned at Camp”

Published: July 3, 2014

Recently, a villager parent and columnist for the Pioneer Press (Minn.) wrote an intriguing column about President Barack Obama’s controversial nominee for the U.S. ambassadorship to Norway, George Tsunis, and identifies how a culturally immersive environment could serve him well,given what she calls recent cultural “flubs.”

Summer Learning Day is Friday, June 20, 2014!

Published: June 17, 2014

Summer Learning Day is a national advocacy day recognized to spread awareness about the importance of summer learning for our nation’s youth in helping close the achievement gap and support healthy development in communities all across the country.

An Interview with ACTFL’s Marty Abbott

Published: June 4, 2014

Martha G. Abbott is the executive director of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, an organization comprised of 12,000 language teachers from elementary through higher education. A frequent spokesperson for the importance and value of developing language proficiency, Marty took some time to answer questions for our e-newsletter and to share her insights on developments in language education, 21st century skills, and why everyone can learn a language.

Your Child’s Health at Camp

By Linda E. Erceg, R.N., M.S., P.H.N | Published: May 22, 2014

Letting go means different things to families. Growth. Independence. Opportunities. No arena is more challenging for parents than entrusting their child’s well-being to others. At home, we have our medicine cabinets brimming with bright Band-Aids® and children’s cold medicines, not to mention the ready hug and kiss when the need arises. So, what’s a camp to do?

Book Review: Raising Global Children

By Carl-Martin Nelson, Director of Marketing and Enrollment | Published: May 14, 2014

Raising Global Children by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan and Marshall S. Berdan provides the rationale and a host of practical ideas to develop a global mindset in children. Published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, this book explores the challenges and successes of many Americans who want to foster an important set of global skills in their children to help them both become better citizens and increase opportunities for success in college and beyond.

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