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A Visit From Senator Amy Klobuchar

By Christine Schulze | Published: August 15, 2018

​This International Day, Concordia Language Villages was pleased to welcome Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Senator Klobuchar spoke to 1300 assembled villagers and staff about the great promise and heavy responsibilities of the rising generation.

Career Adventures in Chinese Interpreting and Translation

By Rebecca Weiner | Published: August 6, 2018

Being bilingual offers many career opportunities. In this piece on her experience as a professional interpreter, entrepreneur and author Rebecca Weiner takes the reader straight to the heart of the interpreter’s experience: lots of travel, fascinating interactions and plenty of opportunities emerging from years of connections.

How Global Skills Are Key to the Future of Work

By Jennifer Clinton, President and CEO, Cultural Vistas | Published: July 31, 2018

​What does “going to work” look like in the future? Jennifer Clinton, president and CEO of Cultural Vistas, discusses the skills that will be most valuable in an increasingly automated, interconnected, interdisciplinary workplace. In a conversation with Florian Peter of McKinsey & Company, she highlights skills like adaptability, creativity, empathy and . . . of course . . . languages as crucial for the workplace of tomorrow.

WorldView Good Reads: Off the Press for July 2018

Published: July 24, 2018

Here are good reads from around the globe that have caught our attention in the month of July.

Advice from Study Abroad Experts: Trusting the Process

By Leslie Gale | Published: July 17, 2018

Studying abroad can be a tremendous learning experience for high school students, but many teenagers (and their teachers and parents) can be unsure about taking on such a big adventure so early in life. We reached out to Leslie Gale, Executive Director of Xperitas, for some expert advice on why high school study abroad is so valuable and for good ideas to ensure students have a great cultural exchange experience.

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