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New French Immersion Summer Sessions for Adults!

Published: March 24, 2019

by Katy (Dean, Lac du Bois, Hackensack) 

I am thrilled to announce the addition of two adult immersion programs to our summer schedule for 2019!


Learning, of course, is not just for kids, and neither is summer camp!  I so hope that you will join us for a week or a weekend of immersion this July.  There will be the classic camp experience of songs around the campfire, morning dips in the lake followed by time in the wood-fired sauna, outdoor evening programs with things like games, dances and silly costumes, plus the forest music of loons and crickets to sing you and your cabinmates to sleep.

Add to this French language lessons, cultural presentations from native speakers from around the French-speaking world, delicious French and francophone cuisine, and hands-on activities like baking in a wood-fired bread oven.

But perhaps best of all is the community of learners you’ll find.

When I work with adult learners in CLV’s language programs, I love listening to the stories of what has brought people to study the language and cultures of the French-speaking world.  There are stories of family connections, of professional opportunities, of personal goals, and of lifelong learning.

I’ve heard inspiring stories like…

  • “I’m a French teacher in a small town and I don’t have many opportunities to speak the language with people other than my students.  I love French and I want to keep my skills sharp.”
  • “My family has a history of Alzheimer’s.  When I retired, I knew I wanted to keep my mind active, so I decided to pick up French.”
  • “I spend my career focused on the fields of math and science, so I’m trying to give the other parts of my brain a workout.  I’ve picked up painting and I’m dusting off the French that I haven’t spoken since high school.”
  • “When I was diagnosed with cancer, I realized how many things I still wanted to do and to learn.  On my 40th birthday, I signed up for my first French class.”

I love these stories because they remind me that there is always room to learn and grow, to reinvent and to reconnect.  If you sign up to join us for an adult session this summer, I guarantee that you will meet people with fascinating life stories, from different walks of life, but with a shared desire to learn.


I can make a few other promises, too:

  • You will speak, sing and hear French in a fun, supportive and low-pressure environment.
  • You will see and experience amazing natural beauty in a Northwoods setting that is second to none. 
  • You will be surrounded by an expert staff wholly committed to making this a positive and learn-ful experience for you.


The new 2019 summer adult sessions will run alongside youth sessions at our beautiful Camp Holiday location near Hackensack, MN. The price of the session includes lodging, meals, and all activities. Cost and dates listed here.

Please plan to arrive on site between 2pm and 5pm on the first day for the week-long session, and between 5pm and 7pm for the weekend session. Both sessions will wrap up after breakfast on the final day so folks can travel on that day. Once you're registered, contact Lac du Bois Hackensack via Facebook or at if you would like to join a Facebook group to find potential carpooling partners.

I can’t wait to see you this summer.  Au Plaisir!