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Working Towards the End 7/10

Published: July 10, 2018

Although the week has only just started, the villagers and staff are trying to make the best of their time left here at Sup Sogui Hosu before heading home! We started the day with a warm bowl of 떡국 ddeokguk, or rice cake soup, before the two week villagers and credit villagers headed off for their Korean classes. Since the end of the session is coming up soon, the credit villagers worked hard on finishing their final projects and portfolios, while several two week villager Korean classes began preparing for the final talent show.

For lunch we had 쫄면 jjolmyeon, spicy chewy noodles, before heading off for nap time. During free time, several of the villagers made use of our waterfront, going swimming or canoeing in the lake! Other campers spent the time to catch up with friends, study Korean, or enjoy snacks from the 매점 maejeom snack shop. Our snack of the day was 팥빵 patbbang, or red bean bread!

Following free time the villagers went back to their classes (again, focusing on final projects and projects for the talent shows) before heading to their choice activity and then free time before dinner. For dinner we had a special combination dish, 돼지고기오징어볶음 dwaejigogiojingeobokkeum, or mixed pork and squid. Then, after some presentations by Korean classes about what they learned that day, we celebrated one of our villager's birthdays! The credit villagers went off to study after dinner, but the two weekers went for a classic Supho evening program! For a sneak peek of that program, check out the photo album below, and be on the lookout for our next post!