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Week 4 Blog: It’s a Wrap!

Published: July 27, 2020

Dear families,

To repeat what we found ourselves saying yesterday at our closing program – we didn’t think we would cry online! It was thrilling to see our villagers display all they had learned over the last four weeks. They moved us to tears.

In their last week of the program, our credit villagers caught up on missing assignments, prepared for the talent show, studied for their final exam, and worked on their final projects. At the same time, our one-week villagers pushed themselves by writing their homeworks exclusively in Korean and creating stellar projects in their activity clubs.

While we are excited to welcome our fifth and final group of one-week villagers on July 27, we are sad to see our credit villagers go. But happily, all villagers have access to Google Classroom until the end of next month, so please make sure to log in and download any materials you wish to keep.

Our YouTube channel has also been updated with files that you may want to check out, including:

Skit #2:

Staff Bloopers:

Dance Ppappappa(빠빠빠):

2020 Virtual chorus:

One high point this week was the virtual visit by Professor Ross King, the former Dean of Sup sogŭi Hosu, and Kenny Park, CEO and patron of our village. The credit villagers had a chance to introduce themselves and their current location (in Korean), and to share one reflection from the summer program. Mr. Park joined us wearing his Bemidji t-shirt and with a strong cup of coffee—it was 5:30 am in Seoul! Here is a screen capture from our special meeting:

Screenshot of Special Meeting

Stay safe, everyone, and see you next year!