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Villagers Create Languages!

Published: July 11, 2018

Since coming to camp, the villagers have had to deal with learning an entirely new language. The villagers have had to try and interpret what counselors are saying everyday through body language, tone of voice, and context clues. However, villagers haven’t had the chance to be the ones explaining. Yesterday that all changed when villagers got the chance to create their own language during our “Three Kingdoms Evening Program”!

To start, the villagers gathered in Seoul to be split in to several “countries”. They were then tasked with creating an entirely new language. They were allowed to make translations of any word they wanted, but their “country” had to have a unified list of translations in English and their made up language with movements to go along with them. After creating a list of words and movements, groups were given random “resources” (cards) that they had to use to trade with other countries. However, each country could only use their own language to communicate, and had to deal with the difficulty of not only trying to understand, but trying to explain their own language to someone else. Not only was the activity a good way for children to get another perspective on the difficulties of language acquisition, but it was also highly amusing for everyone to try and communicate using a variety of ridiculous sounds and animated body movements! All of the children had a great time inventing their own language and trying to get other players to understand it, and it let them see the other side of language learning一 language teaching一 in an interactive new way!