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Sejong The Great, 7/11

Published: July 12, 2017

Every morning a group of villagers volunteers to participate in 세종대왕 (Sejongdaewong), where they commit to speaking only Korean until dinner. A challenging endeavor that is based off of Sejongdaewong; the creator of 한글 (hanguel, the Korean alphabet). Because we use this name every day, we thought it would be important to teach our villagers more about this historical figure.

Thus, our evening program last night was called, "Sejongdaewong." We split up into groups and rotated around five stations. The first station was based off of the game, "Marcopolo" and we practiced saying "Sejongdaewong." The second game was based off of the game, "Twister" and we practiced and learned the names of the consonants including ones that are no longer used in modern Korean. The third game was based off of the Korean TV program, "Golden Bell" and the idea was to teach villagers about the Hall of Worthies; a group of scholars who worked together to create Hanguel. The fourth group was a photo zone with Sejongdaewong himself, see Flickr photos to see which staff member played Sejongdaewong! And the fifth game was a matching game that taught them the name of traditional farming implements. 

At the end of the program, we debriefed and discussed what we learned, what we found interesting, and further questions we had.