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Opening Day 6/17

Published: June 18, 2019

Yesterday was opening day here at Sup sogui hosu (lovingly nicknamed Supho), and the day couldn’t have been better! All of our two-week and four-week villagers made their way to our village starting from 2pm, and from that moment on, everything was in Korean! The immersion process starts the second they get off the bus, unload the car, and stand in line to check in.

Our talented staff were here to help them pick Korean names, find their cabins, and put away their phones. One of the best parts of Supho is that we’re unplugged- all the villagers (and staff) put away their phones for their time here allowing us to connect better with both nature and each other.

After waiting in line…












Making their name tags…












And playing a few games…












The villagers got to tour around our main building, 서울 Seoul, and learn songs, how to say their ages, and more!

After a great first taste of Supho, then the villagers got to get a real taste- of dinner! Dinner was 마파 두부 Mapo Tofu, (a Koreanized Chinese dish) and 오뎅국 Odenguk, a fish cake soup.

After dinner, the villagers experienced their first 안내 말씀 annae malsseum, or their first announcements time. During announcements, our wonderful 동아리 dongari (choice activity staff) did their best to show off their activity- which the villagers will start tomorrow!

After a long day of new language, new food, and new friends, the villagers went back with their newly formed cabins for a night of bonding and relaxation. Today is going to be a big day full of firsts and fun- and you’ll all get to hear about it too.

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