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Published: June 19, 2018

Credit Opening Day

Henrik and Flemming ready for the videregående!

We welcomed our videregående (credit villagers) yesterday! As they arrived, they all went through border control. Their passports were checked, they chose their Skovsøen name, they turned in all contraband, and they put money in the bank! They then moved into their cabins, said hello to their friends, visited the nurse, and made their navneskilte (name tags).

When everyone had arrived, the staff and credits played badminton together, then played a language game with Nielsen, who arrived Sunday night and will be acting as credit teacher for the next week. Then they went back to playing badminton until dinner.

The videregående playing badminton!

For dinner, they had hakkebøf med løg (beef patties with onions), agurkesalat (cucumber salad), and kartofler (potatoes), all of which are staples in the Danish diet. After a round of bug spray, the videregående danced to old and new songs, and then headed to the campfire.The night was finished off by making snobrød (a twisted bread) around the fire, and the Aftensalme (evening song), before heading to cabins for the night.

The videregående (credit villagers) about to sing the Aftensalme. 

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