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Last Sunday at Supho 7/7

Published: July 7, 2019

As the last Sunday here at Supho, we wanted to make sure the villagers had an unforgettable day. We started off with something called a 백일상 baekilsang , or 100 day celebration, which is a ceremony held for a baby’s hundredth party. We held one for 마유 Mayu, our head chef’s little girl.











Mayu had a fun time posing with all the different tables, and even got several presents from the staff and villagers.











Then, after a delicious “American-style” breakfast of croissants, pancakes, and bacon











The villagers went off to their Korean classes, and then special activities. Even though it’s a weekend, the language learning never stops here at Sup sogui hosu.











 After classes, both the two-weekers and the four-weekers got to participate in a cooking program; they made their own 김밥 kimbap (Korean rice rolls) and 만두 mandu, or dumplings. It was the first time for some of the villagers to try their hand at Korean cooking- and the food they made was delicious.












After cooking, the campers got to try something else new- kickball!











Then, the credit villagers got to listen to a special lecture by our wonderful dean, 다희 Dahee. Dahee is also a professor at Stanford University, specializing in Korean literature.











Then, the campers got to find out where their cooking made it to- straight to the kitchen! The mandu and kimbap, along with 떡뽁이 tteokbbeoki (spicy rice cakes) and 어묵국 eomukguk  (fish cake soup). Along with the delicious food, there was also a 벼룩시장, where they could buy clothes, books, and even posters for a cheap price.











Although the weekend was long and fun, the kids are ready for the week again, waking up bright and early tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day,

The Sup sogui hosu blogging team.  

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