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Last night and the talent show! 7/14

Published: July 17, 2017

We ended our program with a bang- the 장기자랑 (talent show)! Throughout the day villagers were busy preparing to perform. We saw a wide range of talents  from martial art dancing to Korean news broadcasting. Of course our credit students did a wonderful job hosting and introducing each act. Please see Flickr for more photos and videos of our gifted villagers! 

The talent show brought laughter, joy, and reminded us what we have learned over the weeks. Not only did our villagers improve on their Korean language skills, they delved into Korean culture through music, art, and dance. 

After a long night at the talent show we woke up early to say our goodbyes. You know it's a good sign if your villagers are having a hard time leaving. Thank you to every villager who participated in our program; we truly appreciate your spirit, bravery, and energy you bring to camp each year. 

Summer 2017 끝 (Finished)!