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K-pop Night 7/9

Published: July 9, 2019

Tuesday was another wonderful day here at Sup sogui hosu. After a refreshing lunch of 비빔국수 bibimguksu , or spicy mixed noodles












Supho was hit with one of our first thunderstorms of the year! As a result, the villagers got to have an extra-long time, a great opportunity for some rest for both the villagers and the staff. Then, we had a great dinner of 오삼볶음 Osambokkeum, (spicy squid and pork stir-fry).












After dinner, we had a very special program planned by two of our first-year counselors, 재현 Jaehyun and 진우 Jinoo- Kpop night! K-pop, or Korean pop music, is one of the many reasons our villagers become interested in learning Korean in the first place- so we always try and have a night especially catered to the music.

At Kpop night, we had a hilarious skit performed by our counselors- they all went through the expedited experience of “idol training”, where young artists train for months, and often years to become stars.

Then, the villagers had their own opportunity to “train” like these stars. At one station, they learned the song “나야 나” naya na, otherwise known as “Pick me”, from a popular Idol Reality show in South Korea, called Produce 101. You can see the original song and dance here.












Then, they learned the dance to the song- although it looks pretty hard, the villagers picked it up without a sweat.












But being an idol in Korea isn’t all just about singing and dancing- acting is important as well. At this station, they practiced saying “밥 줘요” bap jweoyo (which translates to “give me rice”), with different types of emotions.












Then, they created group names and greetings- each K-pop group- and member- has a special greeting, explaining either their role in the group, or one of their trademark characteristics.












Finally, all the groups had a turn at the makeup station, to create that “stage-ready” look!












In the end, all the campers had a great time learning about the ins and outs of becoming an idol star in South Korea.

We hope everyone will have a wonderful day- because we certainly did!


The Sup sogui hosu blogging team

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