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International Day 7/5

Published: July 5, 2019

Today was a day that the villagers have been waiting for a long time- I-Day! I-Day, short for International Day, is a festival where all fifteen of the language villages come together for a day of food, celebration and fun.

The day began at a quick ceremony in the location our future Korean language village will be. Although right now, we share our village with the Russian language village, in just a few short years, we will have an authentic location of our own, right on Turtle River Lake.

Afterwards, the villagers made their way to Lac du bois, the French language village, for lunch, soccer, and song time! Then, we all made our way to Waldsee, the German village, for a full day of festivities. At the festival, villagers could participate in Global Summit, a model UN-esque event on global sustainability.











They could also compete in the Iron Chef Showdown, like our wonderful villagers here.











Or, they could stop by all the wonderful booths to grab candy, snacks, and memorabilia from all the language villages.











Not to mention, the array of choices for food ranged from Elotes (Mexican street corn) to bubble tea!









To close off a fun, but full day of activities, all the villages grouped together at the main circle, the Marktplatz, for a closing program, which was led by our wonderful credit villagers.











Finally, all of the villagers headed back to Supho to get some rest- with a very successful I-Day behind them all.

Have a wonderful weekend, and make sure to check out more photos below!


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