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First Week of Online Supho- 끝!

Published: July 6, 2020

To our Supho family everywhere-

What a week! The times in which we are living have been called unprecedented and challenging… for Sup sogŭi Hosu, this was a week like no other in our history of twenty-two years. Over the last three frantic months, our creative and enthusiastic staff converted our legendary immersion program to an online format. Here are some highlights:

  • Morning greetings: staff from all over the world, along with a few surprise guests, continue to post videos each morning introducing the day, their location, the weather, and a personal message. Our credit villagers watch these videos and create their own.
  • Morning stretches: we move together, every morning, to a video created by Rahee (which includes cameos by her adorable dogs). We have different soundtracks for different ways to start the day.
  • Skit: at Sup sogŭi Hosu we pride ourselves on our star lineup of A-list actors. Not wanting to give up this signature feature of our program, our staff acted out their parts, each in their own corner of the world, and then a professional video editor and former staff member, Hyoseok Kim (2007), put them together. We are pretty happy with the result!
  • Activities: webtoons… coding… taekwondo…app making… sports…. translation… camp songs….crafts…. our villagers spend their afternoons together working on creative projects or moving their bodies, all while learning Korean.
  • Weekend programs for the credit program: another feature we did not want to give up was our “evening programs,” in which we explore a single topic in depth and bring together the credit community. This year there are four such programs, on Saturdays, and they include: the world of emoticons, escaping North Korean, protest culture and art in South Korea, and our very own villager Talent Show! In addition, every weekend program will end with a visit from a special guest for an hour-long interview.
  • Language Learning: not only are the staff putting every effort into online teaching, but they have created dozens of asynchronous content. The results may look straightforward, but the hours that have gone into setup, filming, and editing is truly mind-boggling.

I want to acknowledge the energy of my staff, for whom online teaching and content creation are relatively new skills. They are truly amazing!

Stay healthy and safe, everyone!