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Fine Dust Evening Program 7/3

Published: July 3, 2019

Today, all the new two weekers got to experience every moment of their schedule in full swing, while the credit students began hunkering down for tests, projects, and finishing portfolios.

The two weekers went to their 특별활동 teukbyeol hwaldong for the first time, an activity roation in which every day, they will have a chance to try a new activity, anything from Taekwondo, to minyo (traditional singing), to coding!

For lunch, we had a camp favorite- 짜장면 jjajangmyeon, or black bean noodles.










Then, the kids continued on their usual schedule, getting some free time, going to Korean class, and doing their choice activity.












Then, for dinner we had another camp favorite- 찜닭 jjimdalk, or braised chicken.










After dinner, we began a new evening program, which started off with the villagers, both two week and four weeker, racing to make paper cranes, from various types of paper. They raced against both time and other teams, doing their best to follow the instructions on screen and learn from each other.











However, this evening program had a more serious meaning. In fact, the main topic of the debriefing- and consequently, the entire program- was pollution, specifically air pollution. The kids, as they made their cranes, were factories- so the more materials used, the worse the "pollution" got.











The bigger, more fancy paper the kids used, the higher their scores were- and their scores were actually meant to be measurements on an AQI (air quality index) scale.

Although the game was a fun way to begin the night, it led way to a serious discussion, where all the villagers got to learn about the challenges of combatting air pollution in South Korea, and got to think about what some of the possible solutions could be.

Our day was fun and exciting, but it was also educational, and a time to learn about topics that some of our villagers had never even considered before.

To all a wonderful day,

The Sup sogui hosu blogging team

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