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Final Talent Show 7/12

Published: July 15, 2019

By now, all the villagers are home or on their way home- the village has been packed up, the staff returning home, and the rest of the summer has just begun. So now, when we’re all missing camp the most, we wanted to celebrate Sup sogui hosu and all that made it amazing for the past four weeks. Below are all the acts and the photos and videos from Supho’s final talent show of the year- we hope you all enjoy the memories!

All in all, there were 16 different performances at our 장기자랑 jangkijarang (Talent Show)- so get ready for a ton of pictures. The first act was a skit from the two week class 소녀시대반 sonyeosidae ban (Girl’s generation class). Using the popular song “소원을 말해봐” soweoneul malhaebwa (“Tell me your wish”), where they acted out different wishes, showing off their new Korean skills.











Next was 우유반 uyoo ban (Milk Class). With their teacher, 규연 Kyuyeon, they performed an original song about Sup sogui hosu.











Next came a news skit from붕어빵반 bungeobbang ban (fish pastry class). They reported on everything from weather to counselor interviews.











Then came the 사물놀이 samulnori (Korean traditional drumming) choice activity, with an awesome performance using all types of instruments.











After drumming came a skit from 똑똑한 빵반 ddokddokhan bbang ban (“Smart Bread” class). Their skit was a parody of Dora- Swiper had stolen Dora’s Milkis (Korean soda drink) and the whole cast of characters helped her get them back!











After this funny skit came a beautiful few performances from the 가야금 gayageum (Korean zither) choice activity. Not only did they play Korean classics like 아리랑 arirang, but they also played songs like Amazing Grace.








Then, came a beautiful performance from two of our credit students, 명숙 Myeongsuk and 승현 Seunghyeon. They played a song by a popular Korean artist, “Instagram”.











Next came  나무 좋아반 namu joah ban ( “Love Trees” class). Their performance was one of staff parodies- all of the villagers got a big laugh out of the staff being joked around with.











Then, we had another musical performance from 지연 Jiyeon, another one of our wonderful credit villagers. She sang Davichi’s “괜찮아, 사랑이야” gwaenchana, sarangiya (“It’s ok, it’s love”).











Afterwards was a presentation from the 숲호 한글학교반 Supho hangeul hakkyo ban (Supho Korean School class). Over the past week, they had conducted a survey of both villagers and staff to find out what we all would want to see at our new site, which will hopefully be launching in 2021. One of the funniest results they found is that what the villagers want to eat most is cup ramen!











Then came a camp favorite- 광주 갱 Gwangju gang! Since the first two weeks of Sup sogui hosu, three members of the Gwangju cabin (joined by the lovely 다연 Dayeon from Uiju cabin) have been creating a parody of Gucci Gang, the popular rap song. This talent show, they revealed the much anticipated music video!

Next came 부채춤 buchae chum, or the fan dancing choice activity. The girls performed to an amazing mix of live singing, traditional songs, and Korean pop songs.











Second to last of the performances was a thrilling dance performance from 미미 Mimi and 마리 Mari, another two credit villagers. They set the crowd on fire with their awesome dance moves.











Last, but certainly not least, was the performance by the Kpop dance choice activity. Through a mix of several popular Korean songs, the team wowed the crowd with their energy, passion, and fun!











All in all, the talent show was an amazing success, due to both the wonderful performances and the planning of the highest credit class, 우리유리오리요리사반 uriyurioriyoorisa ban.

But the night wasn’t over yet- 2019 was not just our 21st year of operation as a language village. It was also the 15th year of working with Supho for our amazing dean, 다희 Dahee. So, to close off the night, we had several surprises for her.

First, one of the credit classes presented her with an acrostic poem, using her name and title. No tears were shed here, but it was heartwarming nonetheless. The real tears came at the next part of the surprise.











After the poem, a surprise video popped up on the screen, highlighting all the years Dahee has been a part of the program. With the pictures, then came videos. Videos from coworkers and staff over her fifteen years of dedication to the camp were shown, all with their messages of love and support for Dahee.

Here, some tears were shed. For all the long time members of Supho, seeing all of their beloved friends at once was both heartwarming and sweet.











But it was not only the staff that had a chance to get a good cry in- after the celebration of our dean, all the staff gathered together to sing a sad song for the villagers, to say goodbye. This is where the most tears were shed for all.











Overall, the night was full of both sad and happy tears. For two or four weeks of living together and loving together to be ending the next day- the night was emotional for all. But if anything, its just a testament to the power and the love of Sup sogui hosu.

Stay on the lookout for our last batch of photos from the closing day soon.

With love,

The Sup sogui hosu blogging team.

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