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Final Credit Projects, 7/13

Published: July 14, 2017

Thursday night was credit project night! Our wonderful four week credit students took the evening program to show off what they had learned after four weeks of hard studying by creating amazing videos and presentations displaying their new knowledge. From the six credit classes, we had four wonderful short movies, a catchy music video, and a tourist website matched with song parodies! 민서민지하지반 (minseominjihajiban, a name made of all the villagers’ names in the class) was first up with a short movie about the power of Milkis, a popular Korean soft drink. 3A반 (samAban) created a short, yet hilarious film about a “time-space” traveling alien, that was searching desperately for (you guessed it, another Korean snack!) “Oh Yes!”, a popular chocolate cake snack. The villagers traveled to different Korean cities, looking for Oh Yes, while also describing the special aspects of each city. 밥먹자반 (bapmokjaban, Let’s eat! class) made another fun video, this time about the adventures of Supho’s very own Batman! “The Joker” had taken all the milk at Supho for their own, and now all the villagers who had eaten spicy food were suffering, but Batman defeated Joker (in an intense game of 가위 바위 보, or rock paper scissors) and saved the day! The evening also brought us 열심반 (yeolshimban, hardworking class)‘s environmentally conscious take on the classic tale of The Giving Tree, showing the damage a greedy boy (who wants everything the tree has to give) can do unto the other animals who use the tree as a resource, or even a home. Similarly concerned with the environment, 상큼상큼반 (sangkeumsangkeumban, Fresh Fresh class) created a music video focused on encouraging people to help the environment, rather than to harm it. There was even a fantastic rap included! The final performance was by the 도서권반 (doseokwanban, Library class). The class created a travel site, both for different cities in Korea, as well as for Sup Sogui Hosu itself! To top it all off, they created witty yet historically accurate song parodies about several of the cities in South Korea. Having shown all the different projects of the hard working credit classes,the entire camp headed out for an end of session campfire! Although the goodbyes began, and some tears were shed, the village ended on a good note, filled with delicious Smores and warm hearts.