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Final Credit Projects 7/12

Published: July 12, 2018

Our credit villagers have been busy for the past few weeks learning Korean, studying Korean culture in depth, and working on their final projects- and today they finally got to show off their final projects to the rest of Sup Sogui Hosu!  

Our first class to present was  친구 반 chinguban, "Friend Class" who made a video all about how it is to come to Supho! Their video showed what it is like to be a villager here, and the class showed off their awesome Korean skills throughout! Their presentation ended with a touching slideshow about their Korean class made by their Korean teacher. 

The next presentation was by 귀신 반 gwishin ban, "Ghost Class". This credit class made a book- all in Korean! It told the story of 미래 Mirae  the Unicorn going to Korea for the first time! It talked about all their fun adventures in Korea with her friends- and the best part was that the class themselves read it to the villagers!

After story telling, 바나나빵 반 bananabbang ban, "Banana bread Class" showed us their Supho Radio! With segments from "My Strange Addiction" (eating homework, falling down in random places), K-pop news, news on the world cup, and the weather, Supho Radio was a fantastic time for our villagers to catch up on the going ons at camp and outside of camp!

Following the radio segment, 반짝반짝 반 banjjak banjjak ban "Sparkling Class" wowed the campers and staff with a cooking competition video! The "Sparkling Class" students split into two teams and prepared two dishes for a panel of guest judges (including our beloved kitchen staff), before declaring a winner! This class made us all ready for dinner- who wouldn't want to eat after watching a cooking show?

The second to last class to present was 스그램블드에그 반 seukeuraembeuldeu egeu ban "Scrambled Egg Class". They used the popular "Draw My Life" format of video to tell the story of 단군Dangun, the legendary founder of 고조선 Gojoseon, or Old Joseon. They used only a whiteboard, markers, and their voices, but their project was extremely well done and fun to watch. Keep and eye out for all these videos to be posted to the blog soon!

Last but not least, 왕 반 wang ban "King Class" showed their video- a Sherlock Holmes-esque murder mystery. "Who killed the waterfront manager?" The video showed off not only their fantastic directing and editing skills, but their creative translations from Korean to English for subtitles, and their amazing Korean skills too! The mini-movie ended in a twist, so be on the look out for that video to be posted soon as well!

All of the projects were done so well, showing how much the credit villagers have learned during their stay here at Supho. Every year we look forward to the credit projects, and now that they're over, all the people at Sup Sogui Hosu can feel camp start to come to its end. Check out the photo album below for pictures of the presentations, and as always, be on the look-out for our next post!