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Final Credit Projects 7/11

Published: July 12, 2019

Today was an extra exciting day for the credit villagers- although most of the time on the blog we feature the two weekers, today the four weekers will be in the spotlight.

After a long and productive four weeks, the credit villagers have so much to show for it. Since the beginning of camp, they’ve each been creating a portfolio full of artifacts from their life here at Supho. Whether it be a craft they made in their choice activity, or an activity sheet from an evening program, each villager created an in-depth and creative portfolio to showcase everything they’ve experienced.After turning these beautifully crafted portfolios in, then the villagers had something else to focus on- their final credit projects. Each villager also creates a final project, either with their class or in a different group, to showcase everything they’ve learned this summer.

The first group, 김웨이 힘내 Kimway himnae (Kimway go!) group created a parody of a Subway restaurant, doing a skit about a fast food kimbap stop.










다시 한번 만나기 dasi hanbon mannagi (meeting one more time) group did a skit about long-lost twins meeting for the first time.










숲호의 길 suphoui gil (Supho Road) group took us through a walkthrough of all the beautiful nature of our camp.










한국 방문 hanguk bangmun (Visiting Korea) group gave a wonderful presentation on their experience visiting South Korea on a different program prior to Sup sogui hosu.










Two students from 최고반 chwego ban (“Best” class) presented a posterboard they had made after interviewing a number of staff- through this board, you can get to know all the staff a little bit better!










A few other students from “Best” class did a series of fun counselor parodies describing the 숲호 라이프 supho laipeu, or “Supho life”. In short- they were hilarious!










Next were the last two students of “Best” class-  going on a한국어 모험기 hanguko moheomgi, or Korean adventure! Through their skit, they showcased their learning process with Korean language.










Next, 꼬부기반 kkobugi ban, or “Squirtle” class, performed a short play based on the Korean folktale of 청개구리 cheonggaeguri, the green frog.










Then, came a very special skit called 숲호에서의 하루 suphoeseoui haru, or “A Day at Supho”, by the 큰우유친구들반 keunuyuchingudeul ban, (Big Milk Friends Class). What made this skit so special wasn’t only its hilarious counselor renditions and superb acting- the villagers also made all the props and puppets themselves!










The second to last presentation was by the 일한남반하고재선 ilhannambanhagojaeseon class. They created an extended information booklet all about Supho- for those interested in learning more about are camp, it will certainly become a great resource!










The last credit project was by the 우리유리오리요리사반 uriyurioriyorisa class. They created a time capsule for the 2019 credit program, and it was most touching. In the future, we can always look at their time capsule and remember the summer of 2019.










Now, there's only one day left of camp. Although its bittersweet, the sense of accomplishment with finishing all these creative works has no comparison.

A wonderful day to all,

The Sup sogui hosu blogging team

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