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Delicious Snacks and Fantastic Art, 7/12

Published: July 13, 2017

For snack time yesterday, we got to try a new Korean sweet treat - 꽈배기 (ggwabaeki). 꽈배기 is a twisted fried doughnut covered in sugar. It is a street food that has been popular in Korea for many years. Even the day after, everyone was talking about how great it tasted! The evening program was 미술사, where the 2-week villagers learned about Korean art. They participated in activities such as paper folding, making Korean-style knots, dying fabric, and more. During this time, our credit villagers were busy preparing for their exams and portfolios. To reward them for their hard work, they were able to use the coffee and tea station. Final exams are now done; you worked hard, credit villagers!