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Casino Night 7/6

Published: July 6, 2019

The weekend has finally come here to Sup sogui hosu- and after some much needed rest, the villagers all bounced back for a wonderful day of fun new activities. Today, instead of their regularly scheduled rotational activities, learning groups, and choice activities, villagers could try yoga,












And even learn more about Korean history.












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Then, the villagers got to experience a camp favorite in the dining hall- 삼겹살 samgyeopsal, or pork belly.












After dinner, the villagers headed back to their cabins to dress up for another camp favorite- Casino Night!

Casino Night is a long-awaited camp program, all the villagers (and staff!) dress up, play games to win chips, and have an auction for fun prizes- and this time, it was led by our four-week credit students.

Although the credit villagers have been working hard on their final projects and portfolios, they did their best to put on a great program for the rest of the camp.











For the games, the villagers could try their luck at thumb wrestling,











Cup stacking,











Play baduk, otherwise known as Go, a traditional (and strategic) board game,











And even compete in a push up competition!











Then, the villagers wrapped up the night using the chips they'd won throughout the program- to buy prizes in the auction, everything from snacks to rides on the pontoon!











Although it was only the first day of the weekend, the entire village is ready for tons more fun tomorrow.

A wonderful day to all,

The Sup sogui hosu blogging team.

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