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Published: July 9, 2018

After a nice long weekend, all the villagers went back to mostly regular schedules today, attending Korean classes and activities like any other weekday. We had a simple breakfast of rice, 김 kim seaweed, and oranges, before the credit villagers headed out for their classes. Four of the two week Korean classes stayed back in the 강당 kangdang, or auditorium, for a special lecture about 한글 hangeul, the Korean alphabet, by our VIP guest Emily Curtis, an expert on Korean, Linguistics, and Korean Linguistics! During the lecture our villagers learned about tricks to distinguish certain sounds in the Korean alphabet from each other.

Before lunch, the villagers usually watch a drama for a set amount of time; today however, we showed a documentary about North Korea, highlighting things such as life of an average person in North Korea, sentiments towards other countries, and language differences with South Korea. For lunch we had 평양 냉면 pyeongyang naengmyeon, or Pyeongyang Cold Noodles, a specific style of cold noodles traditionally eaten in North Korea. If you've noticed already, the general theme of the day was learning about North Korea, such as culture, food, and more. As the Korean language is spoken both in North Korea and South Korea, us here at Sup Sogui Hosu find it important to highlight both places where the language is used.

During free time, some of the villagers went out canoeing again, while others decided to stay on land and enjoy snacks from the 매점 maejeom, snack shop, or 팥빙수 patbingsu, red bean ice dessert. After Korean class and choice activity, the villagers gathered for dinner to eat a type of 비빔밥 bibimbap, mixed rice, more popular in North Korea, one that uses soy sauce as a topping instead of chili paste. After dinner the villagers headed on to their evening program based around North Korea; tomorrow's blog post will outline the evening program, but here are some pictures in the photo album below to tide you over before then!