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Uge 4 Onsdag - Week 4 Wednesday

Published: July 12, 2018

Week 4 Wednesday

On Wednesday, the villagers who are 13+ left for the cykeltur (bike trip). There will be a separate blog post and picture album for the cykeltur.

In the morning, we had a normal wake up, breakfast, and cabin cleaning. The younger villagers then went to storegruppe (big group), where they sang songs and discussed the plan for the day. The theme of the day for the 13 kids was theater. They were divided into two groups, each group tasked with creating a fairytale puppet show. They planned, played some theater games, and began writing their script before heading to lunch.

Villagers working on their Danglish (Danish + English) scripts

Lunch was smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and pasta salad. The small group of villagers then went to nap time. When the bell rang, they woke up and began to work on their puppets and scenes. This transitioned into more script writing as each group finished their art. We had quite a bit of time to swim in the rain, which the villagers loved, before heading back to Skovsøen for showers and more script writing.

Dinner was a hit! We spoiled the villagers with camping food: pølse (hot dogs), chips, baked beans, and kiwis, with Danish småkager (cookies) for dessert. The evening program was the presentation of the puppet shows, a fire, and æbleskiver (apple pancake-like things made over the fire).