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Uge 4 Torsdag - Week 4 Thursday

Published: July 13, 2018

Week 4 Thursday

On Thursday, the younger villagers had a normal day. They were woken up by the radio, ate breakfast, cleaned cabins, and raised the flag. Next was storegruppe (big group) and roteringsgrupper (rotating groups). The villagers then headed to lunch and middagslur (nap time). During nap, the older villagers returned from cykelturen (the bike trip) exhausted and sweaty. They ate lunch, showered, and joined us for nap. That afternoon, we did our last day of håndarbejde (arts and crafts) then headed to the beach and sports. All villagers got to go to the store and get free ice cream that they earned by cleaning their cabins perfectly for four days in a row.

Familien Thyra decorating their cake

For dinner, we had hakkebøf med løg (ground beef with onions) and koldskål (a yogurt pudding) for dessert. The evening program was a favorite! Lagkagekonkurrencen! The layer cake competition! Each family gets a certain amount of ingredients to decorate their prebaked layer cakes. The families then walk around and vote for one cake that isn’t their own. The winner was familien Munk! After eating our cakes, we sang the Aftensalme (evening song) then headed to bed.