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Den 28. juni

Published: July 3, 2019

Den 28. juni

Friday was a special day! It was both the one and two week villagers' last day and the day that the Portuguese credits visited!

The morning was normal, with the villagers waking up, raising the flag, and eating breakfast as usual. After hytterengøring, the one and two week villagers went to the last day of roteringsgrupper, and the videregående headed to Skovly with Fie. 

After lunch and middagslur, the Portuguese credits arrived! We exchanged song and language with them, then got ready for restaurantaften (restaurant night) and dancing!

Dancing the night away with Mar e Floresta!

Then, Simon arrived! Simon has been on staff for a very long time, and was a villager before that. We are so happy he is back!

That evening, we all dressed our best to go to the Italian restaurant that visited Skovsøen. After we ate a fantastic dinner, we took down the flag and said good bye to the villagers leaving on the bus early the next morning. Then, it was time to dance! We danced the night away with the Portuguese villagers, then sang the aftensalme and headed to cabins. Thank you Mar e Floresta for a wonderful visit!