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Den 27. juni

Published: July 3, 2019

Den 27. juni

Thursday was Sankt Hans AND a villager's birthday! Sankt Hans celebrates both the birthday of Saint Hans and midsummer. It is typically celebrated by a very large bonfire, which everyone in town gathers and parties around, and the burning of a fake witch, which when burned is able to fly to Bloksbjerg in Germany and party. 

That morning, villagers woke up, raised the flag, ate morgenmad, and went to hytterengøring as usual. Then, all of Skovsøen went on a nature walk with Mikael, Christian, and Nielsen! They saw Skovly and the many pieces of Skovsøen history which are there. When they got back, it was time for lunch. 

Skovsøen on a nature walk

After lunch, we had middagslur (midday nap), then went to build the heks (witch) for the evening's fire. The videregående watched a Danish cooking show for their afternoon lesson. Then, everyone went to the store, swimming, and fodbold (soccer)!

Dinner was brændende kærlighed (burning love, basically mashed potatoes with bacon), followed by a birthday celebration! We had a kagekone (cake woman) to celebrate Agnes' birthday! Then, it was time for a group game of freeze tag. This is a camp tradition - a witch comes and visits Skovsøen, and we have to catch her! The videregående (credits) are cats, and are "it", and everyone else has to try to catch the witch without getting caught by the cats.

Triumphantly returning the caught witch to Skovsøen

The evening concluded with burning the heks (witch), which the villagers made, over the fire, and making and eating snobrød  (bread twisted around a stick and baked over a fire). It was a great Sankt Hans!