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Den 26. juni

Published: July 3, 2019

Den 26. juni

Wednesday, we woke up, raised the flag, ate morgenmad (breakfast), and went to hytterengøring (cabin cleaning). Then, the videregående went to Skovly and worked on their aftensprogram (evening program) while the one and two week villagers went to roteringsgrupper (rotating groups). 

After lunch, Skovsøen took a nap, then headed to afternoon activities. The videregående put the finishing touches on their aftensprogram while the one and two week villagers finished their family posters. All of Skovsøen also went to bank og købmand (bank and store) and to sport

Dinner was bøf (beef) wrapped in kål (cabbage). After dinner, the videregående led Skovsøen through their aftensprogram! The aftensprogram was H.C. Andersen themed, with 6 stations. Each station focused on a fairytale written by H.C. Andersen. Families rotated through the 6 stations. 

Villagers compete in a game based on Kejserens nye klæder (The Emperor's New Clothes)

The evening ended as usual, with the singing of the aftensalme.