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Den 25. juni

Published: July 3, 2019

Den 25. juni

Tuesday was our first full day with our new campers! The morning went as usual, beginning with raising the flag and eating breakfast. For breakfast, we ate bread with jam or cheese, fruit, veggies, and cereal. Before the morning activities started, we went to hytterengøring (cabin cleaning).

For the morning activities, the videregående (credit villagers) worked in the library on their dagbøger (journals). They wrote and discussed what makes them happy, sad, and embarassed. The one and two week villagers went to roteringsgrupper (rotating groups) where they sang songs and played games to learn Danish!

Lunch was smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches) followed by middagslur (midday nap). For the afternoon activities, the videregående worked on planning their aftensprogram (evening program) for tomorrow! They will be running and planning the program after dinner on Wednesday. The one and two week villagers went to håndarbejde (arts and crafts), where they researched and began to work on posters of their family's representative. 

Some videregående working on their evening program

At Skovsøen, everyone is in a family that they, among other things, eat dinner with every night. Each family is named after a famous Danish person, such as Karen Blixen or Søren Kierkegaard. The two week villagers read articles about their famous people, then began to create posters to share with the others. 

Familien Grauballe with their finished cake (a teddy bear!)

The rain stopped that afternoon, so villagers were able to go to the store and play fodbold (soccer) to finish off the afternoon. After dinner, it was time for the evening program! Tuesday's evening program was a camp favorite: lagkagekonkurrencen! The cake decorating contest is done in families, and everyone votes at the end. To finish off the night, everyone eats their own cake!

The evening ended with taking down the flag and singing the aftensalme (evening song).