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Den 24. juni

Published: July 2, 2019

Den 24. juni

Announcement! The link at the top of the blog homepage with the pictures (it says click HERE) is now updated. Currently, it only has pictures from Sunday the 23rd and Monday the 24th, but as each blog post comes out, the pictures will be there too! 

Monday was another opening day! We had 7 one week villagers arrive at Skovsøen. However, a lot happened before the new villagers arrived! Villagers had a normal morning. The videregående joined the two week villagers  for storgruppe, then everyone cleaned and prepared Skovsøen for the new villagers. Then, the videregående headed to Skovly with Fie, and the two week villagers played board games like skak (chess) and Twister.

Villagers having fun!

After lunch and middagslur, the grænse (border) opened! As the new villagers arrived, we welcomed them, showed them to their cabins, and relaxed. The store was open for everyone as well! Once everyone had arrived, the two week villagers and videregående went to play rundbold while the one week villagers went on a tour of Skovsøen with Fie. 

Skovsøen gathered once again at dinner, where frikadellermanden (meatball man) payed us a visit! We got is (ice cream) for dessert. 

That evening, we spent time in our hytter (cabins) and got to know the new villagers. We can't wait to get to know them even more!