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Den 23. juni

Published: June 30, 2019

Den 23. juni

Sunday was jul (Christmas)! As a Christmas treat, villagers got to sleep in. The camp woke up to Christmas music and a turtle laying eggs in front of the flag pole! After carefully raising the flag, everyone headed to julemokost (Christmas brunch). Please don't try to say mokost (morgenmad+frokost) to a Dane, as they would definitely say brunch!

Skovsøen at julemokost (some sneezing, some eating, but all there!)

At storgruppe, we sang Christmas songs and chose our hemmelig nisseven (secret santa, another classic Skovsøen term). Then, it was off to make Christmas crafts! Along the way, we said good bye to Emilie (that's me!) because she has to return to her real world job. After working on our gifts for our hemmelig nissevenner, we had a big snack and took the swimming test! Before dinner, we also baked and decorated the tree. 

Working on julestjerner (Christmas stars)

Christmas dinner was fantastic,  and was followed by ris a la mande! As in Denmark, there was one almond per table, and the person who found the almond received a mandelgave (almond gift)! We danced and sang our way back to Skovsøen, where we sat around the tree and exchanged gifts. 

Dancing around the tree and singing!

To end the evening, we watched The Julekalender and ate pebbernødder. Then, it was off to bed!