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Den 22. juni

Published: June 30, 2019

Den 22. juni

Saturday we said good-bye to our one week campers. We had so much fun with them, and hope to see them again next year! Many of them left on the bus before everyone woke up.

That morning, the videregående worked with Nielsen. Nielsen shared perspectives on Africa, and invited the videregående to explore their own knowledge on the subject. 

The rest of the morning concluded our Lego program for the two-week villagers. We started with building with natural materials (rocks, leaves, sticks) and seeing if we could recreate our Lego creations! Then, we moved to the presentation stage, where villagers explained and watched their stop motion videos.

As usual, the videregående joined the two week villagers for lunch. Additionally, we had a new villager arrive from Skogfjorden! Her Danish can be a little funny (too Norwegian, maybe?) but we are so glad she could make it to Skovsøen this year. 

A new villager arrives from Skogfjorden!

After middagslur, villagers worked further on their HC Andersen peg people, and began learning how to make crafts for Jul (Christmas, which is Sunday). We also headed to sport, because the rain held off! 

That evening, dinner was a picnic with pølser, frugt, and pastasalat (hotdogs, fruit, and pasta salad). We ate in the bibliotek. To finish the evening off, we watched a Danish film and ate ice cream!